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(Duration of tour: approximately 12 hours)
Excellent day getaway with destination crossings to Livadia,
Arachova, Delphi and Orchomenos.

About the Tour

The original station, about 119 km from Athens, is Livadeia and in particular Krya, which, although located in Livadia, the capital of the prefecture of Viotia, is part of unparalleled beauty. Here it is believed that in ancient times was, the Oracle of Zeus with the sources of Lethis and Mnemosyne, which was the precursor to Delphi, while the springs of this region feed the river of Hernia. Watermills, small waterfalls, stone bridges, and enormous perennial planes make up a landscape of exquisite beauty, while the touristιcal exploitation is gentle without altering the natural beauty of the landscape.

160 km away from Athens and amphitheatrically stretched to the southern end of Parnassos, Arachova is the second destination, as well as the flagship of ski tourism and mountain cosmopolitanism in Greece. Built at 1,000 m, in addition to its stone-built features, the area has acquired an enviable service infrastructure for every visitor with excellent cafes, fine restaurants, shopping, and traditional products) and is ideal for winter skiing in Parnassos, While, spring and autumn are perfect seasons for hiking in the national park. Just 10 km from Arachova we find one of the most shocking landscapes in the world, Delphi, known worldwide as the navel of the earth, which due to the famous Oracle is the point where the most important religious center of antiquity was founded and flourished. Sprawling on the southern slopes of Parnassus, Delphi maintains the historical and archaeological interest of visitors, while covering their modern needs. In their archaeological site, which was designated in 1987 as a UNESCO monument, Kastalia Fountain: A sacred source where Pythia was worshiped, the priests and the staff of the temple, as well as the theopropoi (those who wanted to consult the oracle and Pythia), while the water that springs from the source was cleansed and the temple of Apollo . The Tholos of Athena Pronaia and the Treasure of the Athenians.

The Temple of Apollo: The most important monument in the archaeological site of Delphi, is the Temple of Apollo (indissolubly linked to Pythia, as in a hatch of that, it was in ecstasy, scorching leaves of laurel and breathing fumes from the burning of herbs), while its ruins found today in the archaeological site date back to 330 BC. The Sacred Way: It is the road that the pilgrims followed each time at Delphi to visit the godparents (those who were addressing the oracle to ask for an oracle) so that they would take precedence over the divination of Pythia. To do this, however, they first had to make a sacrifice at the altar, which was located at the highest point of the path. The path had an uphill call and a length of about 200 m, ending in front of the sacred altar. The Ancient Stadium of Delphi and the Ancient Theater: The ancient stadium of Delphi is located at the highest point above the sanctuary of Apollo, northwest of the theater. It is the only one in Greece with an arched triumphal entrance and on these grounds, centuries ago thousands of spectators watched athletic events. In the northwest part of the sanctuary of Pythian Apollo, there is the ancient theater of Delphi, where during antiquity the games of instrumental music and vocals took place in the Pythian and other religious festivals.

The archaeological museum of Delphi: It is undoubtedly one of the most important museums of our country, which is second to visitors after the Acropolis every year, as the history of the famous Delphic sanctuary and the famous oracle is presented here in the best way through a rich collection of sculptures, statues etc. The tours to the above archaeological sites take place every day: 08: 00-15: 00 (last entry at 14:40), while ticket prices are: 6 € standard, 3 € reduced, 9 € normal single ticket (Delphi, Archaeological Museum of Delphi) and 5 € reduced. Ending this daily escape and approximately 44 km from Arachova, we reach an unexpectedly beautiful area of the Greek province, Orchomenos, which is distinguished by its great history through the various archaeological finds and sights, with the most important archaeological sites: the theater, the vaulted tomb of Minya, the Acropolis and the Byzantine church of Panagia Scrippou (owes its name to the Latin word scriptus, meaning inscription). In the paved square of the area you will find taverns and cafes to enjoy your time and you must know that Orchomenos is famous for its local trout, which you can enjoy in some picturesque spots. You should also visit the trout fish farm.





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