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(Duration of tour: approximately 10 hours)
An exciting tour from Corinth Island to Epidavros and Nafplio.

About the Tour

This organized excursion will start with a visit to the Corinth Canal, which is about 80 kilometers from Athens and is a narrow strip of land that unites Central Greece with the Peloponnese. The emblematic canal that has been opened since 1893 (6.3 kilometers wide) connects the Saronic Gulf to the Corinthian Gulf and is an international hub of maritime transport, serving annually 12,000 ships of all nationalities. Continuing for approximately 70 km the beautiful route is the Epidaurus with its main archaeological sites: The Propylaea (built in the Mycenaean times), the Doric temple of Asclepius, the Tholos (which was also the most famous building of the sanctuary ), Abato, the house of the priests, temples for Artemis, the sanctuary of Apollo and finally the Epidaurus Theater or Sanctuary of Asclepius (built in a ravine in 340 BC), it is world famous for its excellent acoustics, it can serve up to 15,000 people and as it’s usual for Greek theaters (as opposed to Roman), the view of the green landscape behind the stage is a vital part of it. The hours of access to the above spaces are from 8:00 am until 20:00, while the single ticket (7 days duration) is 12€ in standard and 6€ reduced.

The final destination is Nafplio, which is about 147 kilometers from Athens and is one of the most picturesque seaside towns in the country, also known as a traditional settlement. Let Nafplio walk you through the picturesque cobbled streets and do not hesitate to get lost in unexplored places full of
imagination and references to the past. At every step in the old town, you will find unique neoclassical buildings of unparalleled elegance and grace, restored with love and respect for tradition.
The well-known tourist attractions that remind us of the great heritage of this beautiful city include Bourtzi (a small fort built on an island in the harbor, just 450 meters from Nafplion pier).
Access by boat that leaves about 10 minutes and at a refund of 4.50€.
Palamidi, with a height of 220 meters (a Venetian fortress that dominates the city, at which the visitor walks up 857 rock steep steps in order to be led to it while discovering the breathtaking view of the marvelous marine background that surrounds Nafplion, under successive gates). The entrance fee is 8 € standard ticket and 4€ reduced, while the entry is free for students – EU students, children under 18 and disabled visitors. In the winter season (1 November – 31 March) the ticket is 4€. Once you get a first taste of the historical side of Nafplio, you are given the opportunity to enjoy your coffee either in Syntagma Square or in the atmospheric cafes that exist there, as well as good quality food before you go back.





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approximately 10 hours 


147km from Athens

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